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Weekly compost, recycling, glass,
and cardboard collection services for Rome, Georgia
  • Residential Service

    Every month
    +$25 One-time setup fee
  • Commercial Service

    Every month
    +$75 Account setup fee
    Perfect for small-medium local businesses!

How It Works
We deliver:
  • A compost bucket for food scraps

  • A reusable bag for glass and standard recyclables


​Once a week,
we pick up the following:
  • Food scraps

  • Glass

  • Recyclables

  • Flattened cardboard

  • Coffee pods


  • We provide metrics showing your recycling and compost volume.

  • After six months, you can get your compost back or donate it to a local non-profit.

Voila! It is that easy!

We dig dirt!

What Not to Compost full res.png
What to Compost full res.png
Standard Recyclables
  • #1 and #2 plastics

  • Aluminum and steel cans

  • Newspaper, magazines, and office paper

  • Coffee pods


Service Area

Holy Compost! provides composting and recycling services within a 10-mile radius of downtown Rome. That is more than 300 square miles!


Do you live outside our service area? We've got you covered. Email, let us know your address, and we'll tailor a competitive plan just for you.

Map 10 mi radius new.png
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